All exhibits must be the unaided work of the competitor and must not have been exhibited in any competition prior to 2015.


will be presented for the most outstanding exhibit. THE EITHNE CONDON PERPETUAL CUP

will be presented to the hat of the Show. MARION GRIFFIN PERPETUAL CUP

To Class 507

Please attach number card to each exhibit.

1st Prize: 20; 2nd 15; 3rd 5. (Except where otherwise stated). Entry Fee  3.

Class 500 – Best Home Made Souvenir. Sponsored by Reeda Byrne. Class 501 – Best Article in Embroidery.

Class 502 – Hand Knitting – Best Child’s Garment.

Sponsored by Marie Morrissey.

Class 503 – Best Pincushion.

Class 504 – Most imaginative handmade baby present. Class 505 – Best Piece of Lace. Sponsored by Phyl Lennon. Class 506 – Best Hand Knitted socks, gloves or mittens.

Sponsored by Lily Jackman.

Class 507 – Crochet any article in cotton including filet crochet (Church Work). Sponsored by Ena Atkinson.

Class 508 – Best Home Made Soft Toy, No kit. Sponsored by Local Enterprise Offices

Class 509 – Best Adult Garment in wool knitting.

Class 510 – Best item in Woodwork. Sponsored by Katharine Potter. Class 511 – Best Handmade Book eg; “A Life Story” max 20 pages Class 512 – Best Handicraft Work. Sponsored by Pauline Murphy.

Class 513 – Best Tapestry Work, any article. Sponsored by Nellie Murphy. Class 514 – Best Picture, fire-screen, or wall hanging other than painting.

Sponsored by Cora Browne.

Class 515 – Best Cushion, any material. Sponsored by Rathwood.

1st Voucher €50; €15; €5

Class 516 – Best Home made shopping bag. 1st Skirt Length Sponsored by Johnson Tailors; 2nd €15;3rd €5

Class 517 – Best Article in Patchwork / Quilting, machine sewn. Class 518 – Best piece of handmade jewelry (no kit). Sponsored by

Rathwood. Voucher 1st €50; 2nd €15; 3rd €5. Class 519 – Best Handmade Greeting Card any occasion Class 520 – Upcycling. Something New from Something Old.

Sponsored by Edith Hatton.

Class 521 – Best Article in cross-stitch. No kit to be used. Sponsored by Sadie O’Toole.

Class 522 – Best Handmade Christmas decoration to hang from tree Sponsored by Rathwood. 1st Voucher €50; 2nd €15; 3rd €5.

Class 523 – Best Handmade Teacosy.

Class 524 – Best Article in pottery. Sponsored by Mary Jo Fitzpatrick.

Class 525 – Hat of the Show. Any home made hat, any material. Sponsored by Eithne Condon. Eithne Condon Perpetual Cup will be presented to the winner of this class. Prizes 1st €30; 2nd €20;3rd €10.

Class 526 – Best Handmade Birthday Card No Kit.

Class 527 – “Timeless Elegance” beaded jewellery not using a kit 1st €25; 2nd €15;3rd €10. Sponsored by Mary Timmins

Class 528 – “Beads with a modern twist” using wire 1st €25; 2nd €15; 3rd €10. Sponsored by Mary Carroll Hawthorn Drive.

Class 529 Best Handmade Bookmark. Sponsored by Mary Maher 1st €25, 2nd €15, 3rd €10

Class 531 Best Parchment greeting card Sponsored by Mary Maher 1st €25, 2nd €15, 3rd €10

Class 532 Best Creative Gift Handmade

Class 533 Best Craft item with a vintage twist


No Class this year

Class 551 – Tullow Credit Union Essay Competition (Mounted) “I like saving at the Credit Union because…”

Children must be 12 years and under. Not more than 200 words.

Prizes: 1st 75; 2nd 25.