Read Rule 22

Prizes will be presented in the Flower Tent from 4.p.m.

All Flowers and plants in the growers classes must be the property of the exhibitor for at least two months.

FLYNN’S GARAGE CUP: will be awarded for Rose of Show.

FENTON PERPETUAL CUP: presented by the late Miss D. Fenton and Mrs. D. E. Fenton, will be awarded for the most points in the Grower’s and Exhibit Classes.

DOUGLAS PERPETUAL CUP: will be awarded to the winner in Class 617. MARY HOSEY PERPETUAL CUP: will be awarded for the best arrangement. THE EDNA BURGESS MEMORIAL ROSE BOWL presented by the late Mrs. D. Curtis for the most beautiful arrangement at the Show.

New Peter Cleary Memorial Trophy for most points in Dahlia Classes Prizes 20; 15; 5 unless otherwise stated. Entry Fee 3



Class 600 – One vase of decorative dahlias, 3 blooms, one or more varieties any size.

Class 601 – One vase of cactus/semi cactus dahlias, 3 blooms, one or more varieties.Sponsored by Claire Brennan, Tullow Florist.

Class 602 – One Vase Dahlias, pompoms, miniature or small ball Dahlias, 3 blooms, distinct or mixed varieties.

Class 604 – Floribunda Rose. 1 vase 3 stems distinct or mixed.

Sponsored by Tullow Flower & Garden Club.1st Prize €30; €20; €10.

Class 605 – The Rose of the Show, one specimen, one bloom.

Sponsored by Morgans Nurseries, Mortarstown, Carlow. Prizes €30, €20, €10

Class 606 – Viola/Pansy, one vase, 6 blooms. Sponsored by Teresa Kennedy

Class 607 – Sweet Pea, one vase, ten sprays, mixed variety.

Sponsored by Carlow Florist. 1st Prize €25; €15; €10.

Class 608 – Roses Hybrid Tea; One vase, 3 blooms, distinct or mixed. Class 609 – Gladiola, one spike, one vase.

Class 610 – Hydrangea, one vase, 3 trusses only.

Sponsored by Mary Doyle. 1st Prize €25; €15; €10.

Class 611 – Annuals, (excluding flowers for which separate Classes are provided). One vase, 6 stems, distinct or mixed.

Class 612 – Hardy Border Perennials and/or Biennials, 6 stems, one vase, dissimilar. Sponsored by Josephine Bolger.Prizes: €25; €15; €10

Class 613 – Hardy Perennials, 6 stem, one vase, one variety.

Sponsored by Jacinta Crowley Long €25; €15; €10.

Class 614 – Hardy Ornamental Tree or Shrub, one vase, one branch.

Sponsored by Arboretum Garden Centre, Carlow. Vouchers: €20, €15, €10

Class 615 – Pot Plant with Ornamental Foliage.

Class 616.1- Pot Plant in Flower. Pot plants in flower excluding plants eligible for 616.2 and 616.3. Sponsored by Tullow Florists.

Class 616.2 – Potted Begonia in flower.

Class 616.3 – Potted Geranium (Pelargonium) in Flower.

Sponsored by Ann Whelan


An exhibit of planted material with or without accessories.

Foliage may be used in all exhibits. Entry Fee 3 Prizes  1st 25  2nd  15  3rd 10

Class 617 – “Beginners Class”, A table exhibit. Space 60 cms. Confined to those who have never won a Prize for Flower Arranging at Tullow Show.1st Sponsored by Garden Haven€25Voucher

2nd €15, 3rd €10

Class 618 – “Tiny Treasures”, A miniature exhibit not to exceed 10 cms in width depth and height. Sponsored by Kathleen O’Toole.

Class 619 – “Only One” A petite exhibit using one flower & foliage, not to exceed 26 cms in width depth and height. Sponsored by

Freda Jones.

Class 620 – “Welcome Home” An exhibit suitable for hall table. Space 60 cms wide. Sponsored by The Lord Bagenal

1st prize  (Voucher )  2nd €15  3rd €10

Class 621 – “Nature at its Best” An exhibit of garden flowers and foliage.

Space 60 cms.

Class 622 – “Shades of Green” An exhibit featuring foliage only. Space 60 cms. Sponsored by Mary Fitzpatrick Doyle

Class 623 – “The Power of Simplicity” A modern exhibit using 5 flowers and foliage. Space 46 cms. Sponsored by Dr. Maguerite Doyle.

Class 624 – “Lets Wine and Dine”. An arrangement in a stemmed wine glass of flowers and foliage.Sponsored by Brenda Fitzharris.


Prizes 15; 10; 5. Entry Fee 2

To be arranged in the Flower Tent on Morning of Show.

Class 625 – A fairy or small garden on a biscuit tin lid

10 years and under.

Class 626 – An exhibit using Flowers and foliage in a favourite container not bigger than 12 inches wide. 14 years and under.